Guide to Free 1 Voucher Codes in South Africa

Welcome to the exciting world of digital savings! In South Africa, ‘1 Voucher Codes’ have become a game-changer in how people pay for goods and services. These vouchers sometimes known as promo codes are known for their ease of use and accessibility, offer a variety of benefits, making them increasingly popular. Let’s dive into how you can get these vouchers for free, and what they can be used for.

Understanding 1 Voucher Codes

1 Voucher Codes are coupons for use in South Africa that you can get in digital or physical form that enables you to easily pay for goods or services at more than 100 places. As 1 Voucher says

“Everyone deserves payment options and weโ€™re on a mission to provide them. No card? No problem.”

1Voucher simplifies the process of transacting online, offering a secure and effortless solution for those who prefer to operate without banks or cards. So if you don’t have a bank card with 1 Voucher it’s not an issue you can pick up a code in store (or get one for free! See below for more information on this) and use it to pay for goods and services online.

Whether you’re booking tickets, shopping, gaming, trading in cryptocurrencies, or engaging in various other online activities, 1Voucher provides a versatile and boundless experience. With 1Voucher, the possibilities are limitless.

 Download the free 1ForYou app to buy more vouchers within the app, top up airtime, data electricity and send 1Vouchers easily between app balances, plus much more.

Where to Find Free 1 Voucher Codes

Searching the web to try and find places that you can get free 1 Vouchers can take up a lot of time and energy, fear not as we’ve put together a list of offers that are currently available where you can get free 1 Vouchers from! Note that the companies may change what they offer at any time so it is best to check with the company when signing up to ensure they still offer 1 Vouchers as a reward.

Also make sure to check the eligibility requirements when signing up to the offers below, depending on the offer this will vary, sometimes it may depend on what personal info you provide or sometimes its just a case of entering a free competition for the chance to win a free 1 Voucher.

Current Offers

1Vouchers make it easy to pay, play and shop online. Enter our free-to-enter competition for your chance to win a R 2000 1Voucher! Share your unique link on Facebook &…

Please note that many of the offers listed tend to have a minimum age requirement of 18, make sure to check the terms of the site before signing up if you are under 18 years old.

How to Redeem 1 Vouchers

Once you get your voucher, pick from one of the partners listed on 1Voucher’s website and once you have done this during the checkout process simply enter your 1 Voucher 16 digit PIN to use your voucher to pay for your purchase. It really is as easy as that!

Maximizing the Value of Your 1 Vouchers

Don’t forget to still check for coupon codes and sales at retailers, don’t fall into the trap of 1 Voucher not being like “real money” and then over paying for products because it doesn’t feel like actual cash. Make sure to still check for coupons and deals to save money on your purchases and get the most out of your free 1 Vouchers.

Where to Get Free Vouchers for Other Companies

Why stop with getting free vouchers for 1 Voucher? There are loads of other companies looking to give away free vouchers and gift cards for taking part in offers and completing surveys.

You can find all these companies in South Africa offering vouchers for free by clicking here to visit our free gift cards section.


1 Voucher Codes are a fantastic way to save money and enjoy various products and services in South Africa. Free Stuff World makes it easy to discover ways to get free vouchers and places to win them. We encourage you to try out the offers above and share your experiences. For the latest updates and ways to get free 1 Vouchers and other freebies, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.