Free Skittles and M&M’s Packages

Skittles are sweet treats in different flavours, and M&Mโ€™s are chocolate bites that can be crispy, nutty and more. Many are fans of both, but now you have to choose your favorite, and if you do, you can get a test package worth $100! Decide which side you are on in the Skittles vs M&Mโ€™s ForYouPromo campaign, and you could be selected to test a package full of either candy.

Click the green button below to visit the ForYouPromo offer, and once there, choose your favorite treat and fill in your details. If you are chosen to get a test package worth $100, they will be in touch. Good luck, and if get a package, we hope you enjoy it. All that is left to think about now is, whose side are you on?

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