Free IKEA Coffee, Birthday Cake & More

IKEA offers it all for your home, and if you join their free membership, you can get a free coffee and other benefits. Members can get the coffee on every visit except weekends, free ice cream with any store purchase except on weekends, and you can even get a free cake on your birthday! Plus, you can go to workshops and other cool stuff.

If you arenโ€™t already signed up as a member, you should, and you can start the process by clicking the green button below. The link will take you to the IKEA website, where you can read more information and follow their instructions to join. It is quick, easy and free, so donโ€™t miss out, and if you already are a member, check out their website to get updated on what you get. Birthday freebies, coffee and more, what else could you want?!

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